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"Keep It Simple"

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KISS Contacts!

KISS Contacts

On this site you can find out about KISS Contacts, the software system that makes it easy to manage contacts, members and donors for your society, club, association, voluntary organisation, pressure group or charity.

See our Key Benefits page for more details on how KISS Contacts could benefit you and your organisation.

You can also download a free slide show from this site now!

Latest News

Release of Version 4.3 - August 2020

KISS Contacts version 4.3 is available for use by supported customers now. Please let me know if you would like for us to send you a download link and upgrade notes.

New in 4.3:

- Additions to Task Management system, including a new Tasks tab on the main contact form.
- Introduction of a Search Term to make finding a record easier. This includes the removal of the definite article for organisations. So one could find "The ABC Trust" using "ABC Trust".
- New, interactive deduplicati ... (read more...)


KISS Contacts compatible with Windows 10 - but check your date format

Following several upgrade to Windows 10, KISSoftware is pleased to confirm that KISS Contacts is compatible with Windows 10.
Paul Burdett, MD of KISSoftware, commented that "This is good news for customers and the company. However we have noticed that sometimes the upgrade re-sets the date format to US style i.e. MM/DD/YY instead of the European format of DD/MM/YY. This wrong foots the license key which references the date. To fix this all you need to do is change the Windows date format back ... (read more...)

To obtain your free evaluation copy of the KISSContacts software just email us your details
and we will provide a download link for you to Try Before You Buy, or you can order it in our Store