Latest News

Latest News

Release of Version 4.3 - August 2020

KISS Contacts version 4.3 is available for use by supported customers now. Please let me know if you would like for us to send you a download link and upgrade notes.

New in 4.3:

- Additions to Task Management system, including a new Tasks tab on the main contact form.
- Introduction of a Search Term to make finding a record easier. This includes the removal of the definite article for organisations. So one could find "The ABC Trust" using "ABC Trust".
- New, interactive deduplication features are provided which look for potential duplicate records based on names and email address.

What is new in v4.2 in 2019?

• a tasks system which reminds users of tasks that need to be done
• additional functionality on contact interactions such as status and a completed flag
• additional reporting options to include transactions on contact, interaction, and membership selections
• GDPR enhancements, including the recording of Interest, Consent and the Lawful Basis of Contact Interactions
• New quick Contact entry form to save time entering linked contact information.
• Enhanced search facilities for databases greater than 64,000 Contacts. (read more...)

To obtain your free evaluation copy of the KISSContacts software just email us your details
and we will provide a download link for you to Try Before You Buy, or you can order it in our Store