Key Benefits

Ready for a little help from KISS Contacts?
Ready for a little help from KISS Contacts?

KISS Contacts
The easy way to manage your club, association, voluntary organisation, pressure group, society or charity.

The principle behind KIS Software is 'Keep It Simple!' This software allows you to enter details of contacts (individuals or organisations), their membership, transactions and Gift Aid (for UK). It also supports sending documents to contacts based upon user definable text, and the generation of labels, badges/cards, letters and emails. Plus there is a facility to assist you with Direct Debit transactions and export to your BACS software.

Key Benefits

Click on the Screenshot links below to see an example screen shot.
  • Save time recording contact details - ScreenShot
  • Manage membership with the minimum of effort - ScreenShot
  • Record transactions quickly - ScreenShot
  • Create personalised standard letters with a couple of clicks - ScreenShot
  • Send out reminders letters and subscription chasers in a single operation
  • Generate labels in seconds
  • Standard reports - ScreenShot and graphs - ScreenShot to analyse income and contacts by:
    • Age and gender
    • Contact category
    • Membership Type
    • Transaction type
    • Town/City, State/County and Country
    • Source of contact and transaction
    • Link individuals and organisations
    • Transactions First, Latest and Greatest
    • LYBUNT (Last Year BUt Not This) Report
    • Income trends over time
    • Fund management - progress against target
    • Forward Income Reports based on contact payment profiles.
  • User definable reports via industry standards reports writers, eg Access.
  • Excellent value for money

To see an overview of KISS Contacts in use, you can view or download the KISS Contacts! Tour . This over view is a PowerPoint show in (.pps format).

What's new in version 4.3

Working with our Development Partners these are the new features in KISS Contacts version 4.3
  • Additions to Task Management system, including a new Tasks tab on the main contact form.
  • Introduction of a Search Term to make finding a record easier. This includes the removal of the definite article for organisations. So one could find "The ABC Trust" using "ABC Trust".
  • New, interactive deduplication features are provided which look for potential duplicate records based on names and email address.

To obtain your free copy of the evaluation software email us your details
and we will send you a link for a download for you to 'Try Before You Buy'.




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