Release of Version 4.3 - August 2020

KISS Contacts version 4.3 is available for use by supported customers now. Please let me know if you would like for us to send you a download link and upgrade notes.

New in 4.3:

- Additions to Task Management system, including a new Tasks tab on the main contact form.
- Introduction of a Search Term to make finding a record easier. This includes the removal of the definite article for organisations. So one could find "The ABC Trust" using "ABC Trust".
- New, interactive deduplication features are provided which look for potential duplicate records based on names and email address.

What is new in v4.2 in 2019?

• a tasks system which reminds users of tasks that need to be done
• additional functionality on contact interactions such as status and a completed flag
• additional reporting options to include transactions on contact, interaction, and membership selections
• GDPR enhancements, including the recording of Interest, Consent and the Lawful Basis of Contact Interactions
• New quick Contact entry form to save time entering linked contact information.
• Enhanced search facilities for databases greater than 64,000 Contacts.

Old News

Release of Version 4.0 - now GA 2017

KIS Software is pleased to announce that version 4.0 of the software is now available for customer having completed successfully the beta test process.

There are new features in KISS Contacts v4.0. These are enhancements requested by customers.

* New ribbon menu system
* Word mail merge integration
* Export SO and DD batches to Excel
* Export other selections to Excel e.g. to send to MailChimp
* Tab headings on the main Contact form show count of entries for History, Progress, Roles, Transactions etc.
* Summary heading on the main contact form update as you add/change details and include telephone number
* List Management module – ability to create, name, merge and purge lists for more complex selections
* Option for multiple entries on Selections forms

When you are ready to upgrade to the new version, please contact us for information how to download and install it.
For customers who already have the beta version, the GA version has no material changes from the beta version, so you may not want to stay with the beta version in the short term. There is no urgency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.



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