About Paul Burdett



Paul Burdett has over thirty years experience in the IT industry working for most of that time in the 'Not For Profit' sector. Trained originally as a Systems Analyst, Paul has developed many database systems for charities.

He explained about KISS Contacts.
"The main aim of the system was to put a software solution in the hands of organisations of limited means, with tight budgets and who often have little IT support. It is to replace the many spreadsheets and Access databases which are often developed by charity people themselves. The problem with home grown systems is that people often spend more time tweaking them than using them!"
"I have also noticed that a system developed by an inhouse person often leaves the organisation in a difficult situation when the author moves on."
"KISS Contacts does most of the everyday functions of a charity database: production of labels, letters, emails, managing membership, handling transactions, Gift Aid, Direct Debits and Standing Orders."
"Over the years, KISS Contacts has developed a sophistication which means that it rivals the functionality of software packages costing many tens of times more money. This has got to be good value and good news for charities. And people have been kind enough to say that it is easier to use than the other packages."



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